When times are tough it’s our farmer owners who dig in to support each other and their communities – that’s what being part of a Co-op is all about. Right now, many in the communities we live and work in could do with some of that help.

Recently Micha Johansen who farms in Eketahuna came to us with an idea… what if Farm Source Reward Dollars could be donated to charity? We thought what a brilliant idea.

Introducing Farm Source Charitable Giving, where Farm Source Reward Dollars can be donated to three charities close to our Co-op, Meat the Need, New Zealand Food Network and The Rural Support Trust.     


Feed Out is a nationally based charity designed to supply much needed milk to city missions and food banks. It connects generous farmer donations with people across New Zealand who are doing it tough.

At the core, we believe no one in New Zealand should go hungry; by connecting farmer donations with food banks, together we can help to address the high levels of food insecurity we have nationwide.

The impact of Feed Out, through the support of Fonterra, will be huge. In the next year we aim to deliver 1,000,000 litres of milk to food banks nationwide. That’s more than two litres in every food parcel.


New Zealand Food Network works with food businesses (such as farmers, producers and growers) and the food rescue sector to redirect bulk, surplus food to our most vulnerable communities.

It was established in May 2020 to urgently address the growing issue of food insecurity in New Zealand by bringing scale, efficiency and equity to the food rescue sector. Its centralised DCs in Auckland, Christchurch and Hastings safely and efficiently receive, store and mix a wide variety of bulk food donations which its team then distribute, free-of-charge, to 58+ recipient food hubs (food rescues, food support charities, food banks and iwi) spread right across New Zealand.

Funds received from farmers through this important initiative will be used to purchase bulk food at preferential rates to provide further food support to those who need it most.

For more information, visit the New Zealand Food Network website.


Rural Support Trust is an organisation made up of 14 independent charitable Trusts throughout New Zealand.

The Rural Support Trust have local rural people in their teams, who know from experience that pressures can mount up. Their networks and training can help with all kinds of situations helping farmers and rural communities get through challenges.

Rural Support Trust is the only organisation that sits around the table face-to-face with our farmers, working through the issues, finding solutions and the necessary support. Most of the people involved with Rural Support Trust are unpaid volunteers, giving back to the Rural communities that they are part of. The biggest challenge to Rural Support Trusts is the increasing number of calls driven by Mental Health, Burnout & Depression, Farm Management Challenges, Animal Welfare, Financial Pressures, Relationship Issues and change. 

They also run events for farmers and their families to enjoy some downtime off farm.

Your donation will go to the Regional Support Trust in your area and will fund initiatives that will benefit local farmers.

For more information, visit the Rural Support Trust website.